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Controlling Colorshift when converting from Pantone Spot colors to CMYK

Often times, there is a dramatic color shift when converting from Pantone spot colors to CMYK. This is because spot colors are made of only one custom color and are very expensive. Using the process printing method, we are able to make thousands of colors from just four inks, but some colors fall outside the range of what can be simulated.

color shift

Becuase of CMYK's limited color gamut, the simulation of any particular pantone ink will sometimes not be an accurate conversion. A close up look will show that CMYK's color gamut has only four inks to simulate a special pantone color using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks only. At magnified view, these four inks overlap eachother in what is called "half tone dots" gives the human eye a visual of a particular color.

color shift