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Full color (CMYK) printing done on the front side with no printing on the back side.


Full color (CMYK) printing done on the front side with black or grayscale on the back side.


Full color (CMYK) printing done the front and back side.

Accordion Fold

A bindery term for two or more parallel folds that result in a sheet that opens like an accordion.

Against the Grain

Perpendicular to the direction of the grain in the paper . When a product gets printed against the grain, the flexibility of the paper can be thicker or thinner. Also called across the grain and cross grain. See also Grain Direction.


A defect which occurs when a graphic file does not have enough resolution to reproduce image detail and causes visible jagged lines along the edges.


Any change made by the customer after copy or artwork has been given to the service bureau, separator or printer. The change could be in copy, specifications or both. Also called AA, author alteration and customer alteration.


Technique of filling the edges of an object with pixels to eliminate jagged lines and make it appear smoother.

Aqueous Coating (AQ)

This is available in gloss or dull. A clear, non-toxic, water-based coating applied like ink by a printing press to protect the printed surface. Most of the aqueous we use is gloss.


In printing, this is the original copy which includes all text, graphics, photos and illustrations, intended for printing. Sometimes also called Art.


Our automated processing and proofing system.