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What details do I need to know to place a custom estimate?

custom order details

In order to receive a custom estimate, all of the drop down fields must be filled in. If the option you require is not available, select custom and a blank field will appear below each "custom" selection you have made. You may add your individual custom details there. Please note that this does not apply for the Turnaround field; this always defaults to "custom" in an estimate, and cannot be changed.

Below the specifications you select, you will see (3) questions designed to help us quote your request.

Question 1 asks if you have already check the website for a pre-fabricated product.

Question 2 asks if you would like us to make your job as cost-effective as possible to conform it to the closest pre-fabricated product to save you money.

Question 3 asks if you want us to quote EXACTLY what you specify, and you are willing to pay for the custom options you have selected.