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How can I get my order as quickly as possible?

If you have gotten to the point that you have done several jobs with us, are absolutely comfortable with how to prepare files for us in a manner that requires NO alterations, and are willing to accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for anything that occurs, there is an option.

First, select a product that we offer a 2-3 business day turnaround. Second, select the proofing option No Proof, Run As-Is. This will put your job through the system, but again, removes ALL liability on our part; even if an error occurs in the finished product, such as a ripping error, dropped text, transparency issues, et cetera. Although you may request No Proof, Run As-Is, if something seems out of the ordinary or incorrect, our prepress may intervene and double check with you before moving your job through production. It is your responsibility to provide correct files, and notes in your initial order if you foresee possible issues or questions. It is also your responsibility to use the Job Status section of your Client Dashboard to track the current status of your job. By choosing the proofing option No Proof, Run As-Is you are saying that you are waiving your right to a proof, and opportunity to intervene if there is an issue, for the benefit of potentially receiving your job quicker. We do not recommend waiving the proof, but for some clients, the benefits outweigh the risk.